How do you choose the right country to study abroad ?
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How do you choose the right country to study abroad ?

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How do you choose the right country to study abroad ? Is studying abroad in Germany the most attractive and advanced country, or America, which is considered an independent world within the world we live in, or a quiet country with a small population like Sweden, or the United Kingdom, which has the best universities in the world? 

How Do You Choose The Right Country To Study Abroad?
How Do You Choose The Right Country To Study Abroad?

We have now reached the second station regarding studying abroad. After we reviewed why you are thinking about studying abroad in the first place, now that you have already decided to take this step that may change your life completely, it is the turn to talk about choosing the appropriate country as well as the university, as there are dozens of countries that You can study there regardless of your field of specialization, which may cause you great confusion when searching for the most suitable country for you to study abroad.

In this lesson, we review some important points that should be taken into consideration in order to make the best choice regarding choosing the appropriate country for you to study in. 

– Start by determining your major, not your country, before studying abroad 

Many students have a desire to complete their studies in a specific country without considering their major or the opportunities to study and work in this country they have chosen. Therefore, it is best to determine the major you intend to study first and then start searching for the best country suitable for this major and not do the opposite. 

There are countries that excel in certain specializations. For example, Germany excels in many fields, most notably architecture and medicine, while England excels greatly in the field of physics and science, and America is distinguished by its great diversity in distinguished specializations from medicine to theoretical and applied sciences, and so on. 

Determine your major first, then choose the country and university based on this major. 

– Choose the country close to your country after making the decision to study abroad  

Many students ignore this choice when considering the countries in which they can study abroad. Choosing a country close to your home will make it easier for you to travel to and from this country, and you may also find many citizens of your country studying in this country. However, if you choose to study in a far away country, this means You move your whole life to this country with the difficulty of returning again to your homeland. 

– Choose the countries with the cheapest cost of living  

One of the most important factors that you should focus on when choosing the country in which you will study. There may be a very distinguished country in your specialty, but the cost of living there is high, so calculate the cost of living well and make sure that it may range between one city and another city within the country. 

This site helps you a lot in calculating the average cost of living with all its details. You can enter it, choose the country and city, and then calculate the average cost of living per month. From here:

– Don’t forget the university learning expenses  

There are some countries where university education is almost free, such as Germany and Norway. There are other countries where study costs are moderate, such as Italy and Hungary. There are some countries where studying at universities costs huge amounts of money, such as England and America. So be well careful to put this factor into choice. 

By calculating the cost of living in addition to the cost of learning at the university, you will have a complete background on the financial conditions you will encounter when you study abroad.  

– Does the state allow students to work during university or not? 

Another important factor for those who study abroad and do not have someone to fund them, look for countries in which you are allowed to work on their territory throughout the period of study. You will find some countries that prohibit students from working completely and others that require learning the language of the country and that the number of weekly working hours does not exceed a certain limit. . 

You can view the conditions for work in each country by searching on Google to see whether the country allows work or not and what its most important conditions are. 

– Look to the future after graduating from university 

 This is the last and most important factor of all, what happens after graduation? Certainly, you will not remain a student for the rest of your life. There will come a time when you find yourself graduating in a country other than your own, and then competing in the labor market with citizens of this country in addition to citizens from all over the world. To help you make a choice regarding this aspect, keep two things in mind: 

 The availability of job opportunities in your field of specialization after studying abroad 

There are some countries where job opportunities are available in a specific field. For example, the field of information technology (IT) is widely available in Germany and the German language is not required for work. As for the field of medicine, it is in great demand in Britain and therefore it provides great facilities for doctors to go there, as well. The fields of human rights and entrepreneurship are available in countries such as Sweden and the Netherlands. 

Make a good survey of the jobs available in this country in which you intend to study, or other countries that recognize this country’s degrees, which will enable you to join a job after graduation.

Does the country provide a job search visa or not after completing studies abroad?

There are some countries that provide a “job search” visa if you are a graduate of one of their universities. Germany grants a job search visa for a period of 6 months, while Sweden grants it for a full year if you are a graduate of a Swedish university. The Netherlands also grants it for a full year if you are a graduate. In its universities or in the top 200 universities in the world. 

All of these previous factors are not difficult to determine. The matter is available on the Internet, and with a simple search for each of the above factors, you will have a knowledge base and a complete guide to the best country in which you are suitable to study.